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It’s wonderfully easy and convenient. It offers you what you need to learn Korean as quickly as possible. It’s easy to follow and the recommendations given are spot on.

Paula S.

It was very clearly explained and in a super simple way so it was easy to understand. Lots of useful tips and phrases etc to use for flashcards.

Silva K.

This is something I’ve been searching for in a long time and it presented itself to. So I will be taking great advantage of this opportunity and learn.

Tyra G.

Easy to follow. Simple and easy to understand the differance between formal and casual levels. I study every day. I try to use it in everyday life. Very helpful.

Daphne L.

The lessons were easy to follow. The study plan is excellent giving many examples of how to setup a study plan and more importantly how to stick with your plan.

Beverly M.

I have only been using this course for four days and am finding it addictive as everything is well explained. the learning of hangul has been made very simple with aids to memory provided.

Beresword W.

So far it’s been very well organized and explained well . I have been listening to the first parts over and over to get a better grasp of the vowels and consonants and how they work together.

Jennifer F.

This program is helping me more than 7 years of self study has. I’m surprised how much I have learned in such a short time from this program. I can’t wait to start having conservations with others.

Gwendolyn O.

Very clear and easy to follow. I find that I am able to remember the lessons better than the other online courses I have tried before because they are of the perfect length and the lessons are clearly presented and interactive.

Sheila R.

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