How To Say Restaurant In Korean (with Audio!)

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You find a restaurant, or as they say in Korean, 식당 (shiktang). It’s your magic word for all things you like in Korean!

Now, imagine you’re scanning the streets, eyes on the lookout. Spot a sign that says 식당? Bingo! You found a place that mostly likely has delicious food.

Let’s get started.


In the Korean language, “restaurant” is translated to “식당” (sikdang) or “레스토랑” (reseutorang). While “식당” is a more commonly used term for all kinds of eating places, “레스토랑” is borrowed from English and is often used by Gen Z.

Basic Korean Phrases for Dining Out

When you dine out in South Korea wether it be Seoul or Busan, using the local phrases for greetings, ordering, and requesting assistance can better your dining experience especially when you’re a foreigner.

It shows respect for the culture and often you’re getting a better service.

Greeting and Politeness Expressions

To start, always greet the staff when you’re walking into the restaurant. This might sound obvious… but most people don’t do this.. Additionally, use polite expressions to show respect. Here are a few basic phrases to say:

안녕하세요 (Annyeonghaseyo)Hello
감사합니다 (Gamsahabnida)Thank you
실례합니다 (Sillyehamnida)Excuse me
잘 먹겠습니다 (Jal meokgesseumnida)I’ll eat well (said before eating)
잘 먹었습니다 (Jal meogeossseumnida)I ate well (said after eating)

Ordering Food and Beverages

When you’re ready to order, use these phrases:

  • To order: 주문하겠습니다 (Jumunhagessseumnida) – I’ll order
  • For dishes: 이거 주세요 (Igeo juseyo) – Please give me this (pointing at menu)
  • For beverages: 물 한잔 주세요 (Mul hanjan juseyo) – Please give me a glass of water


  • 비빔밥 주세요 (Bibimbap juseyo) – Please give me bibimbap.

Requesting Assistance

If you need help or you want something more, use these phrases:

  • To get attention: 저기요 (Jeogiyo) – Excuse me/Over here
  • For more utensils: 수저 좀 더 주세요 (Sujeo jom deo juseyo) – Please give me more spoons
  • To ask for the bill: 계산서 주세요 (Gyesanseo juseyo) – Please give me the bill

These phrases will help you navigate through various stages of dining in Korea.

Saying ‘Restaurant’ in Korean

When you want to refer to a restaurant in Korean, the word you’re looking for is 식당 (sikdang). This term is the most common and broadly used word for ‘restaurant’.

Also, there are other terms that can be used to refer to specific types of dining places:

  • 레스토랑 (reseutorang): This is a loanword from English and often implies a more upscale or formal restaurant.
  • 음식점 (eumsikjeom): This term literally means ‘food establishment’ and is also commonly used to represent any dining place.

Here’s how you can use these words in a sentence:

  • 식당에 가고 싶어요. (sikdange gago sipeoyo.) – I want to go to a restaurant.
  • 이 근처에 좋은 레스토랑 있어요? (i geuncheoe joheun reseutorang isseoyo?) – Is there a good restaurant near here?
  • 음식점이 어디에 있나요? (eumsikjeomi eodie innayo?) – Where is the food establishment?

Keep in mind that this depends on the restaurant you’re visiting and people you’re with.

Types of Restaurants in Korean

In South Korea, you’ll see a diverse array of dining establishments, each offering unique experiences. Make sure you practice these terms before visiting a restaurant, it’s easier this way and you’re also learning Korean.

Traditional Korean Restaurants

한식집 (Hansik-jip) – These are traditional Korean restaurants where you can enjoy a wide range of Korean dishes, from bibimbap to kimchi jjigae or samgyeopsal

Here, you’re likely to sit on floor cushions. You’re basically dining at low tables which is very common in South Korea restaurants.

Western-Style Restaurants

양식집 (Yang-sik-jip) – These restaurants focus in Western cuisine. Whether you’re craving a juicy 스테이크 (seuteikeu, steak) or a hearty bowl of 파스타 (paseuta, pasta), these spots will have all you need.

Most western-style restaurants can be found at almost every corner of the city.

Specialty Cuisine Restaurants

전문 음식점 (Jeonmun eumsikjeom) – These establishments focus on a particular type of food or method of cooking. Usually this is Korean food.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you’re visiting a Korean restaurant the word you’re looking for is “식당” (sikdang) or “레스토랑” (reseutorang). Always greet at the entrance, you’re doing this out of respect for the workers.

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