How To Say Red Light Green Light In Korean (with Audio!)

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Ready to add a splash of fun to your Korean language journey? Let’s dive into how to say ‘Red Light, Green Light’ in Korean. 

This phrase isn’t just for kids playing games in the playground anymore – thanks to a certain super-popular TV show: Squid Game.


The Korean version is 빨간 불, 초록 불 (ppalgan bul, chorok bul), where 빨간 (ppalgan) means ‘red,’ 불 (bul) means ‘light,’ 초록 (chorok) means ‘green,’ and 불 (bul) is ‘light’ again. It’s a simple yet catchy phrase that’s super easy to remember, especially with a bit of practice

These phrases aren’t used very often in day-to-day language but it’s nice to know what it means..

However, during the Squid Game scene they say: 무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다 which translates to The Mugungha Flower has bloomed.

Red Light Green Light in Squid Game

Okay, let’s talk about the version of ‘Red Light, Green Light’ in the famous TV show called Squid Game. 

In total there were 456 players in the game. The game goes like this: when Young-hee says ‘green light,’ everyone runs like crazy. 

But when she shouts ‘red light,’ you have to freeze (not move)! If you move even a tiny bit, you’re out. 

And in this game, being out is… really out.

You’re basically being removed from the entire game and will never come back.

Guess what? Out of 456 players, 255 got caught moving. So that means that only 201 members made it to the next round. 

It’s like the most extreme version of ‘Red Light, Green Light’ you can think of. Think about trying to sneak a cookie without getting caught by your mother – that’s how sneaky you have to be. 

Even though the game sounds fun by itself, it’s not really something to take very seriously.

Meaning Behind Red Light Green Light

Think of ‘Green Light’ as the magic word to zoom towards the finish line – like a race car on the last lap! 

You’re basically trying to go as fast as you can to get to the finish line. And now, when you shout ‘Red Light,’ everyone’s got to freeze. 

Picture everyone turning into statues! If anyone’s still wiggling or jiggling when you call ‘Red Light,’ guess what? 

They scoot back to the start, no shortcuts. It’s like hitting the rewind button on your favorite song. This game’s all about quick moves and quicker stops. If you haven’t played this game yet, it’s really fun and very popular.

10 Simple Phrases with Red Light

Korean PhraseRomanizationEnglish Translation
빨간 불이에요, 멈춰야 해요.Ppalgan buriyeyo, meomchwoya haeyo.It’s a red light, you need to stop.
빨간 불일 때 건너지 마세요.Ppalgan bulil ttae geonneoji maseyo.Don’t cross when it’s a red light.
빨간 불이 켜졌어요.Ppalgan buri kyeojyeosseoyo.The red light is on.
운전할 때 빨간 불을 조심하세요.Unjeonhal ttae ppalgan bureul josimhaseyo.Be careful of red lights when driving.
빨간 불에서 기다리고 있어요.Ppalgan bureseo gidarigo isseoyo.I am waiting at the red light.
빨간 불에서 자전거를 멈춰야 해요.Ppalgan bureseo jajeongeoreul meomchwoya haeyo.You must stop your bike at the red light.
빨간 불이 될 때까지 기다려 주세요.Ppalgan buri doel ttaekkaji gidaryeo juseyo.Please wait until it turns red.
빨간 불이 너무 길어요.Ppalgan buri neomu gireoyo.The red light is too long.
빨간 불일 때는 건너면 안 돼요.Ppalgan bulil ttaeneun geonneomyeon an dwaeyo.You shouldn’t cross when it’s a red light.
거리에 빨간 불이 많아요.Georie ppalgan buri manayo.There are many red lights on the street.

10 Simple Phrases with Green Light

Korean PhraseRomanizationEnglish Translation
초록 불이에요, 건널 수 있어요.Chorok buriyeyo, geonneol su isseoyo.It’s a green light, you can cross.
초록 불일 때 건너세요.Chorok bulil ttae geonneoseyo.Cross when it’s a green light.
초록 불이 켜졌어요.Chorok buri kyeojyeosseoyo.The green light is on.
운전할 때 초록 불을 기다려야 해요.Unjeonhal ttae chorok bureul gidaryeoya haeyo.You have to wait for the green light when driving.
초록 불에서 출발해요.Chorok bureseo chulbalhaeyo.Start at the green light.
자전거는 초록 불에서 출발할 수 있어요.Jajeongeoneun chorok bureseo chulbalhal su isseoyo.Bicycles can start at the green light.
초록 불이 될 때까지 기다리세요.Chorok buri doel ttaekkaji gidariseyo.Wait until it turns green.
초록 불이 짧아요.Chorok buri jjalbaeyo.The green light is short.
초록 불일 때는 안전하게 건너세요.Chorok bulil ttaeneun anjeonghage geonneoseyo.Cross safely when it’s a green light.
거리에 초록 불이 더 필요해요.Georie chorok buri deo piryohaeyo.We need more green lights on the street.

Final Thoughts

After all, these phrases ranged from simple, everyday expressions to specific traffic-related sentences, offering learners a glimpse into using these terms in real-life scenarios making sure you’re learning new Korean phrases every day.

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