How to Write BTS in Korean [ARMY Guide]

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Welcome fellow fan! If you have found your way to this page, it’s probably because you love BTS and want to learn how to write their names so that you can properly stan BTS. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, you will learn how to write all of BTS members’ stage names and real names, as well as other useful phrases to write or say when stanning BTS. 

How to Write BTS

Okay, the first thing you got to know is how to write the band name BTS in Korea. BTS stands for 방탄 소년탄 (Bang Tan So-nyeon-tan). 

As I’m sure you know, this means “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” in English. Here is BTS enlarged, so that you can practice writing it. 

방탄 소년탄

How to Write BTS Member’s Names


Let’s start with the dancing legend Jimin. Jimin is his stage name and Park Jimin is his real name. Jimin is written 지민 and Park Jimin is 박지민 Members and fans use the nicknames 모치(Mochi) and 지민이(Jiminie).

  • 지민 – Jimin
  • 박지민 – Park Jimin
  • 모치 – Mochi
  • 지민이 – Jiminie


Kim Taehyung is V’s real name and V is his stage name. V is written as 뷔 and is pronounced ‘bwi’. V’s real name is written as 김태형. 

V also has a few nicknames that members and fans like to call him. His nicknames are all variations of his real name, 태(Tae), 태태(Tae Tae), and 태형이(Taehyungie). 

뷔 – V

  • 태형 – Taehyung
  • 김태형 – Kim Taehyung
  • 태 – Tae
  • 태태 – Tae Tae
  • 태형이 – Taehyungie


J-hope is the stage name of Jeong Hoseok. Jeong Hoseok is written as 정호석. J-hope is written as 제이홉. J-hope has two nicknames 호비(hobi) and 석이(seokie). 

  • 제이홉 – J-hope
  • 호석 – Hoseok
  • 정호석 – Jeong Hoseok
  • 호비 – Hobi
  • 석이 – seokie


RM goes by a few different names. Previously he was known as Rap Monster in Korean, which is spelled as 랩 몬스터. RM’s real name is Kim Namjoon, which is written as 김남준. He also goes by the nicknames 준(Joon), 준이(Joonie), and 남준이(namjoonie).

  • 랩 몬스터 – Rap Monster
  • 남준 – Namjoon
  • 김남준 – Kim Namjoon
  • 준 – Joon
  • 준이 – Joonie
  • 남준이 – Namjoonie


Jungkook goes by his real name. His full name is Jeon Jungkook, which is written as 전정국. His nicknames are 국(Kook), 국이(Kookie), 정국이(Jungkookie), 구(Koo), 구구(KooKoo), and 노추(Nochu).

  • 정국 – Jungkook
  • 전정국 – Jeon Jungkook
  • 국 – Kook
  • 국이 – Kookie
  • 정국이 – Jungkookie
  • 구 – Koo
  • 구구 – KooKoo
  • 노추 – Nochoo


Suga’s stage name is written as 슈가. His real name is 민윤기 (Min Yoongi). He has the nickname 민천제(Min Genius) in Korean. 

  • 슈가 – Suga
  • 윤기 – Yoongi
  • 민윤기 – Min Yoongi
  • 민천제제 – Min Genius


Jin’s stage name comes from his real name 김석진 (Kim Seokjin). His stage name is spelled 진 (jin). He also has the nicknames 진이 (Jinnie) and 석진이 (Seokjinnie). 

  • 진 – Jin
  • 석진 – Seokjin
  • 김석진 – Kim Seokjin
  • 진이 – Jinie
  • 석진이 – Seokjinie

Other Useful Words to Know When Talking About BTS

Don’t stop at BTS’s names. Learn how to talk about things related to BTS. Below is a list of words that you might use in a conversation about BTS. Read through them and practice the example sentences. Maybe even try memorizing a few to use next time you are with friends. 

공연 – Concert

Have you been to a BTS concert or are you planning on going to one? You can use this word to talk about the concert. Here is an example of how you might use this word. 

  • 나 친구랑 BTS 공연에 갔어
  • (Na chin-gu-rang BTS gong-yeon-eh kass-eo)
  • I went to a BTS concert with my friend

데뷔 – Debut

This word can be used with anything related to BTS’s debut. Here is an example.

  • BTS 의 데뷔곡은 No More Dream 이였어
  • (BTS-eh de-bwi-gok-eun No More Dream ee-yeoss-eo)
  • BTS’s Debut song was No More Dream

가수 – Singer/Artist

Who is your favorite artist? Now you can answer this question in Korean. 

  • 내 제일 좋아하는 가수는 BTS이야.
  • (nae je-il jo-a-ha-neun ka-soo-neun BTS-ee-ya)
  • My favorite artist is BTS

춤 – Dance

You can’t leave out dance when you talk about BTS. Try using the sentence next time you talk about BTS in Korean. 

  • BTS 은 춤을 추고 노래도 불러
  • (BTS-eun choom-eul choo-go no-rae-do bool-reo)
  • BTS dances and sings. 

아미 – Army

State your allegiance to BTS with this sentence.

  • 난 아미야
  • (nan ah-mi-ya)
  • I am an army

사랑해 – I love you

These next two phrases you can use when you go to a BTS concert. You can yell these expressions out to BTS or your bias.

  •  BTS 사랑해!
  • (BTS sa-rang-hae)
  • BTS I love you!

화이팅 – good luck/you can do it

This can be used at a concert too, or just with friends. 화이팅 is an expression used to wish someone luck or to encourage them in a hard situation. You might say it to a friend who is about to do a presentation or to BTS while they are preparing for their next comeback. 

BTS 화이팅!

(BTS hwa-ee-ting)

BTS you can do it!

Phrases to Use When Talking About BTS

When you meet with fellow armys. They might ask you who your bias is, what your favorite BTS song is, or what your favorite album is. 

Here you will learn how to answer these questions in Korean. Read the explanations below!

My favorite member is…

How do you say who your favorite member is? You say 나는 (member) 제일 좋아해. Lets break this apart. 나는 means ‘I’, 제일 means ‘the most’ and 좋아해 means ‘like’. If you want to say, ‘ㅑ I like Suga the most’, you would say…

  • 나는 슈가 제일 좋아해
  • (na-neun shyu-ga je-il jo-ah-hae)
  • I like Suga the most
  • 나는 제이홉 제일 좋아해
  • (na-neun je-ee-hob je-il jo-ah-hae)
  • I like J-hope the most

My favorite song is…

You can say this in Korean with this expression, 나는 (song title) 제일 좋아해. You will notice that the sentence structure is almost exactly the same as the previous expression. To use this sentence, just plug in your favorite song. 

  • 나는 봄날 제일 좋아해
  • (na-neun bom-nal je-il jo-ah-hae)
  • I like Spring Day the most
  • 나는 Life Goes On 제일 좋아해
  • (na-neun Life Goes On je-il jo-ah-hae)
  • I like Life Goes On the most

My favorite album is…

This is said using the expression 나는 (album title) 제일 좋아해. 

  • 나는 Map of the Soul: 7 제일 좋아해
  • (na-neun Map of the Soul:7 je-il jo-ah-hae)
  • I like Map of the Soul: 7 the most.
  • 나는 Be 제일 좋아해해
  • (na-neun Be je-il jo-ah-hae)
  • I like Be the most


And that concludes this blog. You now know how to write ‘BTS’, all of the BTS members names and their nicknames in Korea. 

You also learned words and phrases related to BTS. Now you should be able to have simple conversations with friends about BTS in Korean. 

Thank you for sticking with this blog to the end. Remember to practice all that you learned! Good luck with your language studies!

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