How To Say Good Morning In Korean (with Audio!)

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In Korean, “Good Morning” is expressed as “좋은 아침입니다” (joeun achimimnida) for formal settings and “좋은 아침!” (joeun achim) casually. 

Alternatively you can also say, “잘 잤어요?” (jal jasseoyo) or “안녕히 주무셨어요?” (annyeonghi jumusyeosseoyo) can be used, meaning “Did you sleep well?” in both formal and informal conversations. 

These phrases reflect cultural respect and politeness, which will be very helpful whenever you’re traveling to South Korea.


In Korean, “Good Morning” can be said as “좋은 아침입니다” (joeun achimimnida) for formal settings and “좋은 아침!” (joeun achim) in casual conversations.

Other phrases like “잘 잤어요?” (jal jasseoyo?) ask “Did you sleep well?” and are used in both formal and informal settings, reflecting cultural respect and friendliness.

3 Ways To Say Good Morning in Korean

Formal Style

KoreanRomanizationEnglish Translation
좋은 아침입니다joeun achimimnidaGood morning.
좋은 아침입니다, 안녕하십니까?joeun achimimnida, annyeonghasimnikka?Good morning, how are you?
좋은 아침입니다, 오늘 기분이 어떠십니까?joeun achimimnida, oneul gibuni eotteosimnikka?Good morning, how are you feeling today?
좋은 아침입니다, 귀하의 시간을 내주셔서 감사합니다.joeun achimimnida, gwihaui siganeul naejusyeoseo gamsahamnidaGood morning, thank you for taking the time.
좋은 아침입니다, 많이 바쁘십니까?joeun achimimnida, mani bappeusimnikka?Good morning, are you very busy?
좋은 아침입니다, 오늘 날씨가 참 좋습니다.joeun achimimnida, oneul nalssiga cham johseumnidaGood morning, the weather is really nice today.
좋은 아침입니다, 주말은 어떻게 보내셨습니까?joeun achimimnida, jumareun eotteoke bonaesyeossseumnikka?Good morning, how was your weekend?
좋은 아침입니다, 최근 프로젝트가 잘 진행되고 있습니까?joeun achimimnida, choegeun peurojekteuga jal jinhaengdoego issseumnikka?Good morning, is the recent project progressing well?
좋은 아침입니다, 오늘 일정이 많으십니까?joeun achimimnida, oneul iljeongi manheusimnikka?Good morning, do you have a lot on your schedule today?
좋은 아침입니다, 건강하게 지내시길 바랍니다.joeun achimimnida, geonganghage jinaesigil barabnidaGood morning, I hope you stay healthy.

Standard Style

KoreanRomanizationEnglish Translation
좋은 아침!joeun achim!Good morning!
잘 잤어?jal jasseo?Did you sleep well?
밥 먹었어? 좋은 아침!bap meogeosseo? joeun achim!Have you eaten? Good morning!
오늘 아침 기분 어때?oneul achim gibun eottae?How’s your mood this morning?
아침 인사 드려요!achim insa deuryeoyo!Sending you morning greetings!
오늘도 좋은 하루 시작해!oneuldo joeun haru sijakhae!Start another great day today!
아침부터 활기차게!achimbuteo hwalkichage!Energetic from the morning!
새로운 아침이야! 힘내!saeroun achimiya! himnae!It’s a new morning! Cheer up!
아침이네, 기상 체크!achimine, gisang chekeu!It’s morning, wake-up check!
오늘 아침 뭐 할 거야?oneul achim mwo hal geoya?What are you doing this morning?

Informal Style

KoreanRomanizationEnglish Translation
잘 잤어?jal jasseo?Did you sleep well?
좋은 아침!joeun achim!Good morning!
밤새 잘 잤니?bamsae jal jatni?Did you sleep well through the night?
피곤했을 텐데, 잘 잤어?pigonhaesseul tende, jal jasseo?You must have been tired, did you sleep well?
오늘 기분 어때?oneul gibun eottae?How are you feeling today?
오늘 아침은 어때?oneul achimeun eottae?How’s your morning going?
일어났어? 좋은 아침!ireonasseo? joeun achim!You awake? Good morning!
밥 먹었어?bap meogeosseo?Have you eaten?
새 아침이야, 활기차게 시작해보자!sae achimiya, hwalkichage sijakhaeboja!It’s a new morning, let’s start it energetically!
기상 체크! 좋은 아침!gisang chekeu! joeun achim!Wake-up check! Good morning!

Final Thoughts

Alright, you’re getting the hang of this! Saying “Good Morning” in Korean is the easiest phrase you’ll ever learn.

Remember, if you’re ever in doubt and don’t know what to say – just use “hello” – it’s like the Swiss Army knife of greetings.

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